Behold, the Nav Bar in Office 365!

Are you tired of sorting through the waffle every time you want to open a different Office 365 app? Well guess what; you don’t have to! There’s a nifty little trick that you can use to pin your frequently used apps to the Nav bar in Office 365.

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SharePoint REST API and Lists with Folders

The SharePoint REST API support for folders is limited. The support that is there is tailored for working with documents in document libraries. Because of this I see lots of questions on how to use the REST API to perform operations on lists with folders. My suggestion is... don't. The Client Object Model has full support for folders so I strongly suggest that you use it instead.

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PAIT Group Partner PointFire Makes SharePoint Multilingual

PointFire is about to release a signifcant update to their current SharePoint Online multilingual product set. Currently in beta,  PointFire 365 v2  is loaded with multilingual capabilities built right into SharePoint!  If world-wide communication and collaboration is important to your organization, this product provides a user-friendly way to implement a single site that can be shared and managed in many languages.

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Using and Search to Create a Rollup Calendar in SharePoint

A few weeks ago I finally posted a blog on using one of my favorite jQuery libraries to create custom calendar views in SharePoint:

Using to Create Custom Calendars in SharePoint

I wanted to follow up that post with a similar solution, but instead of using REST to query a SharePoint list for calendar events, I wanted to use SharePoint’s REST Search functionality to create a rollup calendar view. This allows me to create a calendar view for events across multiple lists, sites, or even site collections. And because it’s search based, the results will be security trimmed to that events the user has access to.

Using the Search REST API is a little less straightforward than just querying a list directly using REST and there’s a couple of challenges to understand. Let me break some of those down for you and we’ll go over them in more detail in the video below as well.

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Expanding your SharePoint and Office 365 Knowledge at SPFest Seattle

Have you ever found yourself on the front page of Google search, ready to type another "How To..." something something SharePoint?  If you're like me, a simpleton (account manager), with a light background in SharePoint and Office 365, this may be a common occurence. Luckily, I have a fountain of knowledge on staff to help me out when I get stuck; that is to say, we eat our own dog food here at PAIT:)

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Perhaps The Only OTHER SharePoint Framework Web Part You Will Ever Need

A few months ago Mikael Svenson blogged about a SharePoint Framework Script Editor web part he'd written: Perhaps the only SharePoint Framework web part you will ever need

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